This series began at the Agora Collective, Berlin on a studio swap there. I wanted to discover a new way for my drawing to shape my painting back home , I took no materials and used what I could borrow, to make purely abstract pages . I discovered the use of tracing paper as a means to play with relentless drawings made in the Museums and on trams and U Bahn ( see later ones here ). The first ones here are recent ones of friends, family, heroines and father figures.. All are oil, pigment, pastel on paper with ink on Tracing paper. All 30 x 21 cm . Drawing with headphones on and lyrics from favourite artists,

sibling .jpg

‘Siblings’ Private Collection

perfect .jpg

‘A Perfect Companion’ Private Collection


‘why this ceaseless coming and going’

my trust in u .jpg

‘I put my trust in you’ Private Collection

midnite .jpg

‘all alone and lonely -Midnite’ Private Collection

will never end .jpg

‘This will never end’ Private Collection

im glad .jpg

‘and Im glad’

i found u .jpg

‘I found you’

delinqeunt .jpg


mistakes .jpg

‘Mistakes were made’

oh Lou .jpg

‘Oh Lou’ Private Collection

soemone great .jpg

‘Someone Great’

father figure .jpg

‘Father figure’

under a bad sign .jpg

‘under a bad sign’