last buufay complete.jpg

‘The Last Buffaye’ gaffa tape frieze, with performance speech and buffet meal.

Depicting the artists and curators from Three Points of Contact residency. 2012 , with kind assistance form students at the Glasgow school of Art.

Last BuffAye.jpg

From drawings, collages, scrapbooks, doodles with kind assistance from students at the Glasgow school of art.

last buffaye detail .jpg

Last buffaye detail

glasgow gall.jpg

Work in Progress with Richard Ballinger

ageing gog .jpg

‘An Ageing God’ Loch Lomond Archival print

teh boatmen .jpg

‘The very exhausted boatman’ Loch Lomond Archival print

protector .jpg

‘The hunted protector’ Loch Lomond Archival print

faher figure .jpg

‘ Father Figure ‘ Lock Lomond

descreated .jpg

‘The Desecrated’ The Necropolis Cemetery, Glasgow Archival print

dream 8.jpg

‘Night Nurse’ Archival print

forever .jpg

‘Forever and ever’ Necropolis Cemetery Archival Print

reqeium .jpg

‘Requiem for us all’ Necropolis Cemetery Archival Print

king .jpg

‘Night Nurse , second coming’ Archival print

honourless .jpg

‘Blurred `honour’ Necropolis cemetery Archival Print

marble  mourning .jpg

‘Marble Mourning’ Necropolis cemetery Archival print

silver .jpg

‘Silver trauma’ Necropolis Cemetery Archival Print

pateient .jpg

‘The Charity case’ Overlooking Glasgow Cathedral Archival Print