partisan .jpg

“Partisan - blue million miles’ Oil on Copper 70 x 55cm Private Collection

departed .jpg

‘The Departed’ oil on copper 55 x 45 cm

These pantings result from animations made with filmmaker Roger Thorp, see Pantheist / Bardo films. My paintings were physically and digitally manipulated and obliterated, these are reworked versions after the collaborative vandalism.

serving the people .jpg

‘Serving the people’ oil and collage on copper 60 x 55 cm

bardo headress .jpg

‘ Bardo, headress’ oil on panel 50 x 40cm Private Collection

bardo  headres.jpg

‘Bardo Head dress oil on panel 40 x 30cm

film for ipad - blood to dust low 7-4.jpg

‘The Pantheist’ oil on copper- Archival Print form Film still Size to order

emerging soverign   .jpg

‘Emergent Sovereign’ oil on copper 55 x 45cm Private Collection

convert .jpg

‘Convert’ oil on copper 55 x 45cm

bal jpg.jpg

‘ Bal Maiden’ oil on copper 60 x 50cm