second skin .jpg

'Second skin’ Ink on tracing paper and collage 50 x 40cm

blue print .jpg

‘Blueprint’ watercolour and collage 45 x 35cm 

transformer .jpg

‘Transformer’ Ink on tracing paper with collage 55 x 45 cm Private Collection

bathers reverie .jpg

‘ Reverie of the bather’ watercolour and collage 50 x 40 cm

praise be .jpg

‘Necklace’ watercolour , ink on tracing paper , collage 50 x 40 cm

translator .jpg

‘Translator’ Collage with ink on tracing pape , magnets 55X 45cm

coat of arms.jpg

‘Coat of Arms’ Collage with Burnt pages from Glasgow school of art fire . Magnets , ink on tracing paper , 55 x45cm

18 bullets .jpg

‘18 Bullets’ collages and mixed media with ink on tracing paper 55x 45cm

exotic sister .jpg

‘Exotic sister’ watercolour, ink and collage 35 x 25 cm

angel eyes .jpg

‘Angel eyes’ collage with quartz dust 50 x 40cm

unloaded .jpg

‘Unloaded’ watercolour oil collage 50 x 40 cm

studio collage .jpg

Studio in progress -photo Steve Tanner

solace   jlsmith collage 34 x 42cm.jpg

‘Solace’ watercolour ink collage 35 x 30cm Private collection

tattooed  arm.jpg

‘Tattooed arm’ watercolour , ink collage 45 x 35 cm

i hear them calling me .jpg

‘Perfect Skin’ watercolour , ink and collage, magnets 55 x 45cm

mother .jpg

‘Mother’ collage with rice paper , etching and mixed media 45 x 35 cm

The archive fire , glasgow .jpg

‘Archive Fire- Glasgow school’ watercolour, ink on tracing paper collage 50 x 40cm

from the trees .jpg

‘From the trees ‘ watercolour ,ink on tracing paper- collage 55 x 40 cm

Tree .jpg

The Blue tree’ collage with watercolour 50 x 40 cm

glory be .jpg

‘Glory Be ‘ Collage with watercolour , 45x 35cm Private Collection

perfect pill  .jpg

‘Perfect pill ‘ mixed media with tracing paper 50x 40cm

bather .jpg

‘ Bather’ collage with watercolour, 50 x 40cm