we have eyes .jpg

‘We have our eyes on you’ 80 x 65 cm

All works are mixed media, collage, posters. By Taap- Team Artists are Possessed

Jesse Leroy Smith, Sam Bassett, Richard Ballinger, Chris Priest

taap ' unfinished heart'.jpg

‘Taap- unfinished heart’ 70 x55 cm Private collection

warm up .jpg

‘ Warm ups ‘ 65 x 50 cm

taap' dark knight'.jpg

‘Dark knight’ 75 x 60 cm Private Collection

rabbit javelin .jpg

‘Rabbit, Javelin’ 70 x 55 cm Private Collection

friends forever .jpg

‘Friends Forever’ 70 x 60 cm Private Collection

rocket boy .jpg

‘Rocket Boy’ 60 x 50 cm

who are u palemer .jpg

‘ Who is Palmer White’ 70 x 60 cm


‘Extaci’ 65 x 50 cm Private collection

free man .jpg

‘Free man’ 65 x 50 cm

jesus bring a cart .jpg

‘Jesus bring a cart’ 75 x 60 cm Private collection

bloody exile .jpg

‘Bloody Exile’ 80 x 65cm

relax do it .jpg

‘Relax do it’ 60 x 50cm

help .jpg

‘Help Me’ 80 x 65 cm

taap life .jpg

‘Taap Life’ 55 x 40 cm Private Collection

taap ' trophy '.jpg

‘Taap trophy’ 80x 65cm Private Collection

hood .jpg

‘In the , Hood’ 55 x 45cm Private Collection

black star'.jpg

‘Black star’ 80 x 65cm Private Collection

Mien .jpg

‘ Mien ‘ 45 x 35 cm Private Collection